FROM THE BISHOP’S INBOX: “Is Baptism Necessary?”

Today, I found an interesting, albeit somewhat common, theological question in my inbox. The questioner asked whether Baptism is ‘necessary’ for salvation. He sent a link to the article that had spurred his question. The link had a Pentecostalist perspective on Acts 2:38 (“Repent AND be baptized every one of you…”). My reply: The Faith […]

FROM THE BISHOP’S INBOX: Is Legalism “Christian”?

A friend today asked my opinion on a list of the legalistic rules of a local ‘church’. It was a list of DON’Ts: DON’T Drink, DON’T smoke, DON’T dance, DON’T watch R-rated movies, DON’T wear short sleeves or short skirts, Men DON’T have long hair, Women DON’T have short hair, DON’T miss a Sunday in […]

FROM THE BISHOP’S INBOX: Fear & Faith in the Anti-Christ Era

A friend asked my opinion on a “FEMA is in league with Anti-Christ” conspiracy post. My friend is no “Wilting Lily”. Nevertheless, he writes, “I can honestly say I’ve never been as scared as I am right now. I’m definitely trying to be right with God, but truly don’t like the idea of my family […]

On Christian Pacifism

In recent days, my newsfeed has been crammed full of a lot of political and race-related hatred – way too much of which is spewed by purported Christians. We MUST DO BETTER than to resort to demagoguery and threats of violence! Therefore, I am taking another run at CHRISTIAN PACIFISM – You Say You Love […]

The Fairness Myth

Much of the dissatisfaction within modern Christianity comes from a lack of understanding that “Fairness” is a myth. Especially in the American Church, there is a struggle to accept what IS, because they are focused upon what they think “ought to be”! Why can’t you find fairness anywhere? Because it doesn’t exist! Orthodox Christianity recognizes […]

The Confession That Leads the Inwardto Humility

Found in “The Pilgrim Continues His Way”, this introspective confession challenges us all to try harder, to prioritize love of God and love of our fellowman above love of ourselves! A CONFESSION WHICH LEADS THE INWARD MAN TO HUMILITY Turning my eyes carefully upon myself and watching the course of my inward state, I have […]

Tongue follows heart

Taming the tongue may well be the greatest single challenge of Christendom! But remember, Jesus said, “from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” {Luke 6:45, Matt 12:34} Thus, taming the tongue is a matter of first taming “the abundance of the heart”. The life of continual prayer changes the heart. The simple prayer, […]

Individual Holiness in an Increasingly Unholy World

Rightly done, Christianity is about INDIVIDUALLY being right before God, even if all around us are corrupt. It is not about any particular denomination or church building. Corporate worship is about all the individuals coming together, in whatever state they may be in, to commemorate the Life, Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, […]