The Confession That Leads the Inwardto Humility

Found in “The Pilgrim Continues His Way”, this introspective confession challenges us all to try harder, to prioritize love of God and love of our fellowman above love of ourselves! A CONFESSION WHICH LEADS THE INWARD MAN TO HUMILITY Turning my eyes carefully upon myself and watching the course of my inward state, I have […]

The Bishop Overseer’s Inaugural Sermon

Saint Augustine (c. AD 432), the famed Bishop of Hippo, wrote, “A Bishop is a servant of the servants of God”. Many people have a major misunderstanding regarding the hierarchy of the Church. They tend to look at it as a pyramid, with the masses at the bottom looking up at those on the top. […]

Please Read This Sermon First!

I ask that people read this sermons first, because I believe it best explains the KMMG theology and ministerial viewpoint: GOD’S TRANSFUSION: THE ULTIMATE MATTER OF LIFE & DEATH The Orthodox Heiromartyr St. John Crysostom, teaching on the parable of the Good Samaritan, wrote that the Church is a hospital, that provides a “therapeutic treatment” […]