– KMTS OCL 101 –

Developing A Life of Internal Prayer

Start Date: 22 January 2018

Finish Date: Open-ended

This course is required for all students, regardless of prior education or field of study.

Instructor:  The Rev. Bishop Dr. P.M. Quigley, Jr.

KMMG Protopresbyter, KMTS Chancellor, ESC Chief of Chaplains


A life of interior prayer is a critical component, inarguably the MOST critical component, of a successful Christian life. Challenges in our daily lives tempt us to forego our prayer in order to deal with “the tyranny of the urgent”. It is a temptation we must train ourselves to resist. Doing so requires discipline, strong resolve, and humility.


The Way of A Pilgrim & A Pilgrim Continues His Way is an excellent introduction to the Orthodox concepts of a life of continual prayer, humility, and the principles of individual Christianity.  Purchasing a hard copy is recommended, but not required.  This resource has an online version. available at no cost.

Links to the chapter discussions will be placed below.  Anticipated start date is 22 January 2018.