Asylum Coffee House:
Since our early years at Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum has been known for our FREE coffee house.  AudioFeed Music Festival is no different; everyday, we offer FREE coffee to all who pass through.  As the Leaders and Administration of The Asylum:


Benjamin and Elizabeth Rau invite you to stop on by starting Wednesday July 3rd for a free cup during our annual Holiday Party (Chanukah and Christmas)


FREE COFFEE  – Wednesday through Saturday


 Wednesday July 3rd – A Very Gothic Holiday Party:
Early Access Day Tentative Lineup:



 Early Access Day Tentative Speakers:



 Thursday July 4th – Saturday July 6th:


Tentative Band Lineup: 


  Tentative Speaker Lineup:


 The Asylum Activity, Seminar, and Speaking Summary:
Communion (July 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th @ 10:00 am): 
Kodesh Mishkan Minististry Group constitutes the faith and spiritual covering for many of the ministries at Audiofeed Music Festival.  Every Morning, ministers of KMMG will be leading a Traditional Communion Service with the invitation that any who profess faith in Jesus as the promised Savior and Messiah is welcome to participate.   

 … In His service and at yours too…

 Goth Prom: Come darkly dance the night away at the Goth Prom! Not sure what to wear? There will be a fashion show! Listen and dance to the beats of DJ FatalClaw. Not to mention the crowning of the prom king and queen!