The Asylum Ministries @ AudioFeed Music Festival takes great care in ensuring a family friendly, wholesome, and Christian environment for all of our patrons.  It is my pleasure and privilege to announce and introduce this years sponsors and partner organizations in executing the mission and vision which The Lord has entrusted to us …

A Special Thanks to Our Mother Church: Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group

A Special Thanks to:AudioFeed Music Festival

A Special Thanks to Our Stage Sponsor:Raven Faith Records

The Heaven’s Metal Edge – Final Stand

The Waystation – Sojourner’s Music

The Wounded Society

Rottweiler Records

Sancrosanct Records

Vision of God Records

The Covenant Metal Show

Fear Not Studios

Wolves Home Productions

Please take the time to check out each of our partners and sponsors and spend some time supporting us all through prayer as we finish our planning and preparations for AudioFeed Music Festival 2019

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