About Us


The Presbytery of Ministers of Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group have a diverse religious history. Our backgrounds include Catholicism, Presbyterian, Methodist & Baptist Protestantism, Messianic Judaism and Pentecostalism. During our fellowship, we compared and contrasted, looking for areas of CONSENSUS rather than areas of difference. Our desire was to find the most reliable religious tradition in which to place our converts. This led us to “start over from the beginning”, and study the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith.

The Presbytery of Ministers then developed our Statement of Faith to incorporate those most faithful aspects, straining out the influences of the Roman See, the biases of Reformation Protestantism, and the errors and misinterpretations of modern Pentecostalism to create a reliable interpretation of first-century Christian belief.

We quickly realized that our unique Statement of Faith would require us to form a new Church organization.

Presbytery and Clergy

Statement of Faith