Asylum Gothic Outreach – Rev Bishop Dr. Benjamin G. & Mrs. Elizabeth Rau

Jesus’ Outsider Ministry & Fear Not Studios – Rev. Mike & Mrs. Kim Kerby

Missions Coordinator Rev. Shaun & Mrs. Faith Hays

Broken Man Ministries – Rev. Nick @ Mrs Dacy Gray

Emergency Services Corps – Rev. Chaplain T. Richard (Rick) & Mrs Debbie Bilyeu

Kodesh Mishkan Theological Seminary – Rev Bishop Dr. P.M. (Mike) & Mrs Elizabeth Quigley

A complete list of affiliated ministries is forthcoming, but will take awhile. There are over 1,400 of them, in every State of The Union, and in 49 countries.

Road Dogs Hospitality Ministry, Pastor Linda Olson,

Oahu Motorcycle Ministries, Chaplain Andy Tulenko

Under Fire Ministries, Bishop Hallan Yafesi Jophet Otim (Central Africa)

Ruben Group Ministry, Bishop David Paul (India)