The Bishops’ Sermons

On this page, you’ll find a few sermons from our Protopresbyter Bishop, the Rev. Dr. Patrick “Mike” Quigley, Jr., taken from his “Today, I Meditate Upon…” and “From The Bishop’s Inbox” devotional columns.

Today, I Meditate Upon…The Fairness Myth.

Today, I Meditate Upon…Christian Pacifism.

Today, I Meditate Upon…” (Volume 1) is now available in PDF format as a 120-day devotional upon request.

Rev Bishop Dr. Quigley’s New Year’s message:

The Rev. Bishop Dr. Quigley’s 2017 Pascha homily set the tone for our whole Church Mission Statement. Please find a few minutes to watch.

Many more videos are available on the KMMG YouTube Channel.

FROM THE BISHOP’S INBOX: Is Baptism Really Necessary?

FROM THE BISHOP INBOX: Is Legalism ‘Christian’?

FROM THE BISHOPS INBOX: Fear & Faith in the Anti-Church Era.


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